Aesthetic services are our main business.

At TBC we provide three unique courses to enhance your beauty. A moisturized face will become radiant; as will a healthy well-toned body; with smooth, supple skin.

We at TBC believe that ultimate beauty will be perfected when all these elements become truly balanced.
For this purpose, we provide three aesthetic menus: Facial; Body; and Epilation.

TBC's aesthetic approach is as follows:
- A holistic approach towards human beauty working towards obtaining perfect skin and a beautiful body;
- Helping you to thoroughly relax, spending a leisurely and comfortable time; and
- Combining the above three elements in order to create well-balanced beauty and to help you become your true, irreplaceable self.

For brides-to-be, we also have a bridal course to enhance your beauty for the moment of sheer happiness on your wedding day.

Our skin treatment service takes into account the design of your wedding dress so that you will shine on the happiest day of your life.


We will guide you towards obtaining a rejuvenated skin with an excellent equilibrium of smoothness, moisture and firmness
You can maintain healthy skin through the right kind of skin care based on accurate knowledge. Our facial treatment includes skin-friendly cosmetics, massage as well as our unique beauty instruments developed by TBC and based on dermatological science. By applying an effect of deep relaxation together with our scientific expertise, we prepare your skin to become healthy and beautiful. Based on careful analysis of your skin and discussing with you your own ideals,, we design a treatment course specifically tailored for you. We actively apply TBC cosmetic products, our unique treatment technique using our exclusive beauty instruments in order to obtain beautiful skin.


We will help you obtain a beautiful, toned figure with comfort and ease
According to your needs and requests related to your body, we provide two courses: "Silhouette" and "Treatment". The "Silhouette" course comes in three types: "Total Body Outline," "Styling Profile" and "Leg-Line" Choose a course based on your current body condition and the ideal profile you wish to obtain. We then design a course exclusively for you. The "Treatment" course covers the entire body Relax both body and mind while we work on your skin to make it supple and smooth.


We guide you towards safely obtaining smooth skin through our attentive counseling and care
Do you wish to remove or reduce unwanted hair? Have previously self-administered removal methods brought you satisfying skin? Epi® takes into account your needs, hair quality and quantity as well as the condition of your skin, in order to give you smooth, hairless skin. We first take a close look at the quality and quantity of hair, the rate of growth as well as your skin type so that we can ensure proper hair removal while protecting sensitive skin. In order to develop an appropriate program with the maximum results, we take into account your history of self-administered removal methods, any skin or allergy problems, as well as your lifestyle, schedule and any other requests you may have.
* Epi® is a registered trademark of TBC GROUP Co., Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Creating a worthy beauty with corporate strength you can trust.
Since TBC's founding, we have been communicating through aesthetics with people's beauty sleeping inside.
Until now - and from here on too, we keep pioneering new fields, and continuing with innovation.

Corporate name TBC GROUP CO.,LTD.
Trade name Aesthetic TBC
Members of the board
Representative Director
Teruo Mayuzumi
Establishment March 1976
Amount of stated capital 780,000,000 Japanese yen
Major business activities Aesthetic service
Research, development and sales of cosmetic and aesthetic products
Settlement period: Every December
Main Banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Office: 43F Shinjuku Center Bldg.,
1-25-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 163-0655